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1967 $1 Note - "The Note that Started it All"

In 1967, the Bank of Canada issued special $1 notes to commemorate the centennial of Confederation. The face of the note resembles that of the 1954 $1 issue, except for the maple leaf centennial symbol at the left and references to the centennial along the top and bottom. The back vignette portrays the original Centre Block of the Parliament buildings, which was destroyed by fire in 1916. The same vignette was used on the face of the 1872 $100 Dominion of Canada note.

The following is the story of how this note started one collector on the long and exciting journey of paper money collecting.

"The 1967 series was my first entry into paper money collecting. Previous to 1992, I had only collected coins. The 125th anniversary 1992 quarters were of big interest to me. I thought it was a remarkable project and as a result of that series of coins, I purchased a 1967 specimen with the $20.00 gold coin. Basically, I was backfilling my coin collection with the 100th anniversary of confederation set. The dealer I purchased the 1967 coins from also gave me a 1967 L/O $1 dollar bill as a bonus, or perhaps he just felt sorry for me considering the price I paid for the set. I embarked on a project of assembling the complete prefix series of 1967 notes. I had no catalogue, didn't visit any websites or have any other knowledge of paper money collecting. It just seemed like a logical extension of the coins. I knew nothing about replacement notes, proper grading, quantities printed or even signatures. However, I've been steadily collecting paper money since that time. The 1967 Centennial of Confederation series is responsible for kicking off my banknote colection. I started adding other $1 notes from other issues, and then later, other denominations. Although many people think of the 1967 notes as a numismatic mistake, to me it is a collecting highlight. It took me many years to acquire an *F/P note in high grade. Even now, you would need a crowbar to pry it from my dead body."

Contributor: Gary W.

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