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1954 $2 G/R Test Note

The infamous G/R test note... Test (or experimental) notes were created to test some new innovations in ink, printing processes, paper or durability and then released into circulation by the Bank of Canada. When they managed to make their way back to the Bank, they were measured as to how well they held up in circulation and how long it took for them to return.

The above note is the from the rarest variety of test note ever produced by the Bank of Canada, and is the only one known in private hands. There is also one, and possibly a second, G/R test note in the National Currency Collection.

If you happen to find a note with the prefix G/R, chances are it is not a test note. Only notes with a serial number in one of the following ranges are test notes: 0000001-0079999, 5280000-5367999 and 5400001-5480000.

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