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Exhibits Wanted!

Do you have a banknote or set of banknotes from Canada that you believe would make a good addition to the Online Canadian Paper Money Museum? We are always looking for new exhibits!

At this time, we are especially searching for:

  • Error Notes
  • Stories
  • Special Serial Numbers
  • 1986 $2 AUG-AUN changeover notes
  • Ladder and Radar Notes
  • Million-Numbered Notes
  • Solid Radars

All exhibits are expected to be accomanied by a short write-up describing why the note shown is interesting, unique or otherwise noteworthy. As a general guideline, writeups should be between 100 and 250 words. Scans of banknotes should be provided at 100% of original size and cropped to leave at least a half centimetre of space around the note.

We recognize that some collectors do not wish to reveal their identity online for security or other personal reasons and we respect that. All exhibit contributors have several options for listing their exhibits. They can choose to remain completely anonymous, use a nickname or use their real name. As well, contributors may choose whether or not they wish to have their email address posted beneath their name.

If you have something that you would like to submit, please contact the webmaster at Please include a brief summary of what you wish to contribute. Your email will be responded to promptly.


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