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This collection is a showcase of what happens when things go wrong during the banknote printing process. Many, many different kinds of errors have been produced over the years, ranging from misplaced serial numbers, signatures and optical security devices, to missing layers of printing, to folding and cutting errors.

Some of the more magnificent and eye-catching errors have been brought together from some of the best error note collectors in Canada. Remember that these are significant and major errors and are quite rare. Minor errors are slightly more common, but still rare.

1972 $5 Note - Triple Folding Error

1991 Birds $20 Note - Severe Cutting Error

1954 Modified $2 Note - Severe Cutting Error

1954 Modified $5 Note - Inverted Signatures Error

1986 Birds $5 Note - Misplaced Serial Numbers Error

Mismatched Serial Number Errors

Canadian Journey Series (2001) $10 Note - Misplaced Gold Leaves Error

1986 Birds $2 Note - Printing on the Wrong Side

1991 Birds $20 Note - Alignment Error


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